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Distressed Debt Ecosystem: the Italian New Deal//

Save the date: September 3rd 2020, the 6th edition of CvSpringDay


The complex topic of non-performing loans undoubtedly represents one of the main troubled matters which has had an impact on the economic and financial system of our country, in a negative way.

Nonetheless, as we try to look at the evolution of the phenomenon over the years through a wider perspective characterized by a breadth of vision, it’s possible to perceive the presence of some elements that could transform the problem into a principal driver which may be capable of generating an advanced model of economic and social development.

During the 2017-2019 three-year period, there were essentially three main players on the field where the disposal of over 200 billion Npl took place: banks, regulators and investors. Nowadays the attention is significantly focused on managing credit and studying the potential of the account receivables assessment.
That’s the point where the game must necessarily spread across a much wider audience of players and actors.

But what are the realities actually involved? Can we talk about a new ecosystem which is to become a fundamental pillar of a new economic and social revitalization?

These are the main themes of the sixth edition of CvSpringDay, significantly entitled “Distressed debt ecosystem: the Italian New Deal”. It will be held in the prestigious venue of Palazzo Mezzanotte, the Italian Stock Exchange Palace, next 31st March.

Under the guidance of the well known television face of Sky TG24 Mariangela Pira, remarkable speakers and selected guests.

The morning will open with an interview to one of the most important international economist, who will provide an overview on the possible forward-looking macroeconomic and social scenarios. The intervention will be followed by two round tables where bankers, CEO from the Npl sector, Real Estate, Tech and big players will sit together.

The first Panel will provide an overall view of the economic environment and the market trends as seen by the CEO. Technology and new business models are changing the game scheme and creating new benefits for the banking sector and the distressed debt.

The second Panel will focus on the view shared by operators and experts on the revitalizing impact of the distressed debts on some key sectors: from the energy field to the real estate market to the third sector.

The first part of the day will end with start-ups and Tech operators who will introduce their personal innovative solutions to the market of distressed debts.

The evening will be devoted to the core of the event with more technical debates: two round tables respectively dedicated to the Gacs and Npe and real estate market.


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9:00 – 9:50

Guests Registration and Welcome Networking Coffee

9:50 – 10:00

Opening speech and remarks

10:00 – 11:15

SESSION 1 – The general economic context: new challenges and opportunities
Chairwoman Mariangela Pira, Journalist, Sky TG24

Interview to Carlo Cottarelli, Director of Osservatorio sui Conti Pubblici Italiani “Overview of the Italian macroeconomic market and possible scenarios”.


Round Table:
Silvia Candiani, CEO Microsoft Italia
Iacopo De Francisco, General Manager Credito Fondiario
Corrado Passera,
CEO illimity
Andrea Ruckstuhl, CEO Lendlease

11:15 – 12:30

SESSION 2 – The new ecosystem of the Distressed debts
Keynote speech by Pier Paolo Masenza, Partner and Financial Servicers Leader PwC, “The evolution of the distressed debts market”


Round Table:
Filippo Addarii, CEO PlusValue
Elena Maspoli, Head of Special Situations Energy illimity
Marco Morganti,
CEO Banca Prossima
Federico Silva, Head of Business Development and Origination, Europa Investimenti-Gruppo Arrow Global

12:30 – 13:00

SESSION 3 – Tech for distressed debts: Tech companies compared


Renato Ciccarelli, CEO IT Auction
Edoardo Ribichesu, CEO Realisti.co
Giorgio Tinacci,
CEO Casavo
Marco Varone,
CTO Expert System

13:00 – 14:00

Networking Lunch

14:00 – 15:20

SESSION 4 – Utp, ReoCo, Gacs: what else?
Chairwoman Antonella Pagano, Managing Director Accenture

14:00 – 14:40

Round Table – “The evolution of Gacs”:
Andrea Boellis, Manager Corporate Finance KPMG
Rossella Ghidoni, Associate Director Scope Ratings
Guido Lombardo,
Chief Investment Officer Credito Fondiario
Marco Monselesan,
Director Portfolio Management & NPL Underwriting Prelios Credit Servicing
Claudio Carlo Vernuccio
, Chief NPL Servicing Officer doValue

14:40 – 15:20

Round Table – “Npe and the real estate market: connection and differences”:
Andrea Battisti, CEO neprix
Emanuele Grassi, CEO GMA
Francesco Lombardo, Partner Freshfields
Marco Vitale, General Manager CF Liberty Servicing
Paolo Zago, Direttore Generale Héra Holding

15:20 – 15:30

Concluding Remarks


Here are the speakers who will take part in the sixth edition of CvSpringDay.


Head of Business Development and Origination

Europa Investimenti-Gruppo Arrow Global

CvSpringDay 2019 Best Moments//

Relive some of the most exciting moments of the CvSpringDay 2019

How to Get There//


Piazza degli Affari, 6, 20123 Milano

The Congress Centre and Services of Palazzo Mezzanotte is in Milan City Centre, so you can easily reach it by public transportation.


Linate Airport – Urban line n.73 (the bus stop is near the National Flight Terminal) which goes in the City Centre. Bus stop: Piazza San Babila. Then take the Underground Line 1 (Red Line) stop: Cordusio.

Malpensa International Airport – take “MALPENSA EXPRESS” fast rail. The service connects TERMINAL 1 of Malpensa International Airport with Milan’s main stations.
Go to F. N Cadorna Railway station. Journey time: 40 minutes. Then take the Underground Line 1 (Red Line), stop Cordusio.


Milan – Railway Station Centrale, then take the Yellow Line (Underground Line 3) stop Duomo.

Milan – Railway Station Cadorna F.N., then take the Red Line (Underground Line 1) stop Cordusio.


Tram Number: 1, 2, 3, 4, 12, 14
For more information visit ATM – Azienda Trasporti Milanesi website.


Underground Line 1 (Red Line) – Stop Cordusio

Underground Line 2 (Green Line) – Stop Cadorna, then take the Red Line (Underground Line 1) stop Cordusio

Underground Line 3 (Yellow Line) – Stop Duomo


Autosilo Diaz
Piazza Diaz 6 – Tel. 02 86460077

Garage Meravigli
Via Camperio 4 – Tel. 02 86461784

Auto Parcheggio Commenda
Via S. Barnaba 18 – Tel. 02 5516041

Parking Borromeo
Piazza Borromeo 9 – Tel. 02 37072061

Parking Buonaparte
Via Giacomo Puccini 5 – Tel. 02 86457479

Garage Velasca
Via Pantano 4 – Tel. 02 876044

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